X86 Disassembly

X86 Disassembly

The act of program creation, using common compilers and assemblers, takes software from an information-rich source code format and transforms it into a difficult-to-read machine code format. The reverse process, trying to convert machine code into a human-readable format, is significantly more difficult and requires high-level intuition and pattern matching skills.

This book is going to discuss the disassembly and decompilation of x86 machine code and x86 assembly code.

Topics covered:
  • Tools
  • Assemblers and Compilers
  • Disassemblers and Decompilers
  • Disassembly Examples
  • Analysis Tools
  • Platforms
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Windows Executable Files
  • GNU/Linux
  • Linux Executable Files
  • Code Patterns
  • The Stack
  • Functions and Stack Frames
  • Functions and Stack Frame Examples
  • Calling Conventions
  • Calling Convention Examples
  • Branches
  • Branch Examples
  • Loops
  • Loop Examples
  • Data Patterns
  • Variables
  • Variable Examples
  • Data Structures
  • Objects and Classes
  • Floating Point Numbers
  • Floating Point Examples
  • Difficulties
  • Code Optimization
  • Optimization Examples
  • Code Obfuscation
  • Debugger Detectors

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