Physics of Nuclear Medicine

Physics of Nuclear Medicine

Basic Physics of Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine is a fascinating application of nuclear physics. The first ten chapters of this ebook are intended to support a basic introductory course in an early semester of an undergraduate program. They assume that students have completed decent high school programs in maths and physics and are concurrently taking subjects in the medical sciences. Additional chapters cover more advanced topics in this field. Our focus in this ebook is the diagnostic application of Nuclear Medicine.

Topics covered:
➲  Atomic & Nuclear Structure
➲  Radioactive Decay
➲  The Radioactive Decay Law
➲  Units of Radiation Measurement
➲  Interaction of Radiation with Matter
➲  Attenuation of Gamma-Rays
➲  Gas-Filled Radiation Detectors
➲  Scintillation Detectors
➲  Nuclear Medicine Imaging Systems
➲  Computers in Nuclear Medicine
➲  Fourier Methods
➲  X-Ray CT in Nuclear Medicine
➲  PACS and Advanced Image Processing
➲  Three-Dimensional Visualization Techniques
➲  Patient Dosimetry
➲  Production of Radioisotopes
➲  Dynamic Studies in Nuclear Medicine
➲  Deconvolution Analysis
➲  Sonography & Nuclear Medicine
➲  MRI & Nuclear Medicine
➲  Dual-Energy Absorptiometry

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